Collaborations No 1

Lucy Claire

On 'Collaborations No. 1', the London based composer is joined not only by a string quartet, but by vocalist Alev Lenv and guitarist Bruised Skies. Lucy Claire wraps her haunting, spectral sound around the work of two collaborators, to create a truly heart-wrenching collection of music. These collaborations bring about really unique results seeing Lucy delve into previously unchartered territory.


Lucy Claire

'Suite' was released on This Is It Forever on August 19th 2013. It is music that takes you outside, into unfamiliar settings but with familiar sounds. The milieu of the world is present in the tracks, warm and comforting yet strange and haunting. There is a slight dust on all the sounds.


Ilya Beshevli

Ilya Beshevli has announced details of his second album 'Wanderer', released on Village Green on May 27, via vinyl, CD and digital download.

Following his debut album, 'Night Forest' (2012), Siberian-born Beshevli's 'Wanderer' is an emotive, piano-led insight into the bustling, ever-changing inner city life - specifically Moscow, where the musician now resides. The album is also in part influenced by the contrasting escapism, that momentary departure from the noise and distractions of a city can bring.

The full tracklisting to Wanderer is as follows:

  • Wanderer
  • Embers
  • To Solitude
  • Covenant
  • The Traveller's Night Song
  • Cranes Are Flying
  • Memory of Sun
  • Time Speaking
  • A Book of Hours



Rough Trade

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Here You Leave Today

Mirror To Mirror

'Here You Leave Today' is Southern California based Alex Twomey's first full-length LP as Mirror to Mirror, co-released by his own label Jugular Forest and the Cleveland based Cylindrical Habitat Modules after a string of cassette releases for Arbor, Ekhein, Gift Tapes, and Monorail Trespassing.

Body Moving Slowly

Mirror To Mirror

'Body Moving Slowly' represents a major shift from Twomey's towering constructions of ambient synth cloudscapes, choosing to write and record with a variety of instrumental textures outside of the synthesiser. Rippling waves of piano and harpsichord, enveloping keyboard clusters and subtle percussion cuts Twomey's style adrift from its once ominous realm without abandoning it altogether.


Steve Gibbs

Following the release of the collaborative EP 'In Passing', with Cyrus Reynolds in 2013, is the debut solo release from Steve Gibbs. 'Adrift' comprises of 7 modern classical and ambient compositions, including his original score work. A complex gem of a record "beautiful enough to hook you on the first listen, but sophisticated and understated enough to make you want to keep it in heavy rotation."

The Sleeper Awakes

Ben Chatwin

Composer and producer Ben Chatwin releases his new album 'The Sleeper Awakes' through Village Green on 4th May 2015. Written and recorded at Chatwin's home studio in Scotland. Inspired by the writing of H.G. Wells, 'The Sleeper Awakes' is Chatwin's first album to appear under his own name and follows last year's highly-lauded Talvihorros project 'Eaten Alive'.

Vertical Land

David John Sheppard

Multi-instrumentalist and composer David John Sheppard will release his new album 'Vertical Land' through Village Green on 8th June. Produced and mixed by Sheppard and Giles Barrett, the album was recorded at Soup Studios, London and will be available on vinyl, CD and as a download.

Where To Go

Chris Morphitis

Chris Morphitis' debut album recorded in his suburban garden shed merges Morphitis' love of Zimbabwean and Greek music with his intuitive passion for experimentalism. Composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who pioneered the fusion of his Argentinian roots with rock, soul, African rhythms and Latin American folk, was a big influence on the album.

Block Boundaries

Ryan Teague

'Block Boundaries' is the new album from composer Ryan Teague. The album, demonstrates a sonic and thematic shift towards a more focused and energised sound. Where previous material was often pastoral, 'Block Boundaries' moves boldly towards a more urban sound, all the time retaining Teague's recognisable minimalist themes.


John Matthias

John Matthiasʼs latest album, 'Geisterfahrer' features thirteen stunning tracks with John performing on piano, violin and guitar, as well as vocals. A gorgeous, delicate and diverse suite of idiosyncratic composition ranging from solo piano to acoustic folk and neo-classical.


Ellis Island Sound

'Regions' is the duo's third album since their inception and has already been described as "Afro-Krautrock" and "Teutonic High Life". It is possible to detect the influence of Jean Bosco Mwende or King Sunny Ade's guitars, along with polyrhythmic ensemble force of Fela Kuti's Africa 70 and T-Funk-period Talking Heads.